Application ESSAY GUIDE Calms your panic.

Helps you think.

Whether you are using Common App or an individual college's unique essay prompts, the Essay Guide coaches you through the entire process, idea to final draft.  She does not write it for you. 



has helped many students apply

to highly selective colleges.

She offers two extremes of help:


A: The student has written the essay,

and wants it reviewed, proofread, or

minor editing. If nothing glaring jumps

out, and both are happy with the easily 

polished version, Mrs. Woods will

refund part of the $75 fee.               


B: The student has not started, or has

a weak essay in hand. Mrs. Woods will

work with the student until the essay

is acceptable to both. The fee of $75

per first essay will apply.


Marcie on 7-27-19 at 11.27 PM.jpeg

When the

deadline is

midnight, and it is now 11:23,

that is when

you need


You are in luck.

Mrs. Woods

is a night owl.

Help is available.